Razor Wire

Anping No.9 Razor Mesh Factory Razor Wire (Barbed Tape) is manufactured in accordance with specification NATO STK No. 5660/99-458-7414. The unique Anping No.9 Razor Mesh Factory heavy duty clip is an important feature of the product. The weak link in many brands is the clip, which binds the wire into its tubular/concertina shape. A weak clip will part, providing an easy access point for the intruder. Anping No.9 Razor Mesh Factory incorporates a unique heavy duty steel clip designed to withstand a force of approx. 200lbs/100kgs, which cannot be parted by hand or with standard tools.

Development of Razor Wire Concertina from Barbed Tape / Wire

Originally barbed wire fulfilled the roll of perimeter security. As crime has escalated barbed wire became less and less effective. Petty thefts worsened and the need arose to replace barbed wire with a more effective alternative. The breakthrough came when a barbed fashioned tape was added to a high tensile wire. This product was given the name barbed tape / razor wire! The original product had short blades which were substantially more effective then the barbed wire product. Anping No.9 Razor Mesh Factory Steel pioneered the way forward from this point on. Their first upgrade was from short blade to medium blade. Medium blade razor wire had a much sharper edge and quickly gained the reputation of being an extremely effective low cost security product.

The next big step came when Anping No.9 Razor Mesh Factory introduced the ripper profile. The ripper blade has all the advantages of medium blade profile and adds a high ridged re-enforcing flange. The re-inforcing flange adds a high degree of strength making it particularly difficult to crush, trample or cut. Other blade profiles which incorporate this ridged flange include the tangled barrier as well as a military version of the ripper profile.

Other product which incorporates these blade profiles include: Razor Mesh, Electro-coil, Mobile Security Barriers, Ribbon Mesh, Ribbon Strip, Razor Strip, Clearvu 358 mesh, Floatation Security Barriers, Hand deployment barriers. Many other products have been designed and manufactured by Anping No.9 Razor Mesh Factory Steel Products to provide for all security requirement.

Razor Wire / Barbed Tape Specifications
Razor Wire Blade Profiles
1) Razor Wire Short Blade Profile
This is the original profile of Razor wire barbed tape, developed for military applications. Although mostly replaced by medium blade, it is still preferred by some organisations.
Razor Wire Short Blade Profile  
2) Razor Wire Short Blade Ripper Profile
The ordinary short blade profile was designed for military use, it has now been upgraded to incorporate a reinforcing flange. This improvement increases its resistance to cutting and makes it more rigid.
Razor Wire Short Blade Ripper Profile  
3) Razor Wire Medium Blade Profile
An improvement on the short blade at a cost-effective price level. Used widely for commercial and industrial applications.
Razor Wire Medium Blade Profile  
4) Razor Wire Ripper Blade Profile
Ripper razor wire has become the most popular seller because it is very effective yet competitively priced. It incorporates longer, sharper blades and a reinforcing band, which substantially improves rigidity of the coil. Overall it is more dangerous to handle and tougher to cut.
Razor Wire Ripper Blade Profile  
5) Razor Wire Long Blade Profile
A vicious product when manufactured of toughened stainless steel blade material. It is usually used for Prison fencing.
Razor Wire Long Blade Profile  
6) Razor Wire Ribbon Blade Profile
Ribbon blade is generally welded onto the top of security fencing mesh. The end product provides an all-in-one anti-intrusion mesh, which is cost effective (saves extra labour to install razor coil) with a neat and pleasant appearance.

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